Vehicle Service

Here at SLM we take pride in the quality of all our vehicles, whether new or used. However, all vehicles require regular maintenance to make sure they continue to perform at their best in the years to come. Regular servicing can also improve fuel economy, something that's becoming increasingly important with the rising cost of fuel.

Our service teams are fully trained in maintaining vehicles just like yours. We only use the best diagnostic machinery and tools and we also provide genuine parts. Our prices are competitive and we even offer fixed price servicing and service plans to help you budget for this essential work. For more information please contact your local SLM dealership.

6 Reason to use SLM to service your car and save money

We all spend far too much of our time worrying about how we can possibly make our money go just that little bit further.

On the face of it, having your car serviced by SLM, when you could take it to a smaller garage, is just one more pressure on your budget.

1. A Full Manufacturer Service History.

If you fail to have your car serviced at all, it's value on resale is dramatically reduced. How much less would you expect to pay for a car without a service history? A manufacturer service history will save you significantly more money than the possible difference in cost if you go to a reputable non-franchised repairer.

Don't forget to point that out to us when you change your car! And remember, we only use genuine parts, guaranteed by our manufacturers and designed specifically by them for your car

2. Free Access to Safety Related Recalls.

We are required by law to ensure that any vehicle which comes to us under our franchise is checked to see if there is any safety related recall work needed – and we will carry out that work in nearly every case free of charge. Many vehicles fail to have safety related work carried out purely because the owner is not aware that it is needed. Often a completely reputable non- franchise dealer will spot the work, carry it out, and make a charge purely because they are not aware of the recall.

SLM are the only company locally who not only know about any relevant recalls, but also can carry out this work on your car free of charge.

3. Fully Trained Technicians.

All our technicians are trained to the standards required by our manufacturers, and are aware, through training and constantly working on the vehicles, of precisely what to look for and how most economically to carry out the work. Why not ask for a totally free Visual Safety Report to be carried out on your car. We should carry out just such an inspection every time you bring the car to us – so don’t be shy to ask.

4. Labour Rates.

Whilst it is true that often our hourly labour rate is higher than non- franchise workshops, in most cases the actual time charged is significantly less, so the actual cost is lower. We were actually quoted in Which? Magazine as being unhelpful because we refused to quote an hourly rate. We simply respond by noting that a customer pays a total bill, not an hourly rate!

5. Same Day Parts Delivery Service.

Due to a unique delivery process to Toyota, if you now bring your car to us and allow us to diagnose the fault before midday we have access to over 22,000 parts for same day delivery. We will normally be able to get your car back on the road on the same day!

6. And Finally…………

Not only do all the above reasons prove that it is better value to come to St Leonards Motors to have your car serviced, but we also have a range of products such as Budget plans, which allow you to save a small amount a month to either fully or partially cover the costs of running your car So, as you can see – it really does make sense to have your car serviced by SLM!