Why should you consider owning a sports car

30 Posted: 30th Nov 2022
Why should you consider owning a sports car

Sports cars are the absolute opposite of “regular cars”, designed and built to go beyond getting from point A to point B. They offer fine-tuned performances, looks, and comfort that other types of cars do not prioritise.

If you like driving and want to experience the road in a different way, a sports car will level up any normal journey from a regular car. More often than not, you’ll find that most sports car owners will use them for leisure, going on special trips, or just using them during the weekend.

Let’s explore the different benefits of owning a sport car:

  • #1 – A unique driving experience

    The main difference in sports cars compared to family and SUVs cars is the performance. Although most new cars can now rival sports cars (especially with acceleration), not all of them will offer the comfort and the unique experience a sports car offers.

    True sports cars will be a 2-seater and compromise with a small boot to limit the overall extra weight. The general rule is the lighter a car is to drive, the better the performance and speed – so if you’re looking to eliminate clutter in your car, this may be a very positive point!

    Looking beyond performance, comfort is the secondary focus in a sport car. Most models will offer a perfect surround sound system, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in the beat. Although it’s not quite sofa comfort, the seats are specifically designed to support your body with the movement of the car (and any sharp corners!) with other suspensions to avoid disruption to the driver’s experience.

    Finally, the agility and manoeuvrability of sports cars are incomparable to “normal cars”. Corners become a treat to turn, you have more confidence to join traffic on the motorway, and you may find yourself more reactive to what’s coming your way.

  • #2 - Retains value (with a high possibility of becoming a classic car!)

    Because sports cars are fine-tuned and built for performance, a lot of car owners see great value in these types of engines. Some models will even turn into classics or vintage over the years based on overall demand or rarity.

    This is even more true to those cars that were produced in a limited stock and availability, making them a must-have for many collectors. There’s also great value for collectors in old sports cars that were well maintained throughout the years and kept their original parts.

  • #3 - Easy to park and reactive to drive

    All sport car models are built with aerodynamic in mind, which means most models will be small, slim and take corners easier. Compared to SUVs and 4x4 cars, a sports car will be far easier to park or even drive in crowded spaces or navigate through tight roads.

    With high performance in mind, all sports cars are very reactive to drive. This means you have full torque control - a perk when you need to join traffic on the motorway, pull out from the lights or avoid an accident last minute.

  • #4 - Easier to resell

    We’ve talked about how most sports car retain their value, although it’s important to note that while this might not be true for all of them, it is primarily true when reselling.

    Most used car prices are evaluated by mileage and condition - and because a sports car is built for performance and durability; the price is based on the model and engine. This means if you stick to good driving conditions and maintain it well, your sports car should be easier to resell overall.

  • #5 - Perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike

    When it comes to deciding if a sports car is for you, consider that it is far more likely your vehicle may be spotted by a collector who wants to get their hands on it, or somebody who is looking for their once-in-a-lifetime sports car

    Don’t ignore the hype and the market need - a lot of people are still buying sports cars, and an investment today will retain great value long into the future!

  • Experience the road again.

    Hopefully this guide helped you understand why sports cars are still a joy to have around, and that they can seriously level-up your driving game.

    If you enjoy driving or wish you could do more on the road, you may want to consider owning a sports car; an investment that could become greatly rewarding over time.

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