SLM Toyota Achieves Silver in Best Employer in Town

11 Posted: 11th Dec 2023
SLM Toyota Achieves Silver in Best Employer in Town

We are delighted to announce that SLM Group has been awarded Silver in Toyota's Best Employer in Town (BEiT) Accreditation across our five Centres.

  • What is Best Employer in Town?

    The BEit Accreditation is a People Standard and Framework that shows a business is supporting, improving and leading its people. It shows we are actively developing our workplace culture and people processes for our employees.

    This wasn't a box-ticking exercise for us. This is about providing reasons for talented people to seek opportunities with us, and for our experienced team to know that we are continuously improving, all contributing to our brand being seen as an employer that people want to work for.

  • How Did We Achieve Silver Award?

    Toyota assessed us against their Standard at three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. This is a specific framework that examines how we are looking after our people. We gave a presentation, and this was followed by a visit from Toyota's independent Assessor. They took the team through the process from start to finish and spent time with managers and staff to understand what it's really like to work for SLM.

    Our feedback was really positive, and the results gave us a Silver Accreditation for all five of our Toyota Centres.

  • What's Next?

    We are so delighted to have been awarded Silver for BEiT. We know where we've come from in terms of our people journey, how we've developed, but it's great to recognise this achievement, highlight the good practice at SLM and celebrate it! We believe this effort will help us attract great people and retain them. All the efforts have been worthwhile. Whilst candidates consider career moves and at a time when employee experience, leadership and performance is more important than ever, it's great to have this Accreditation to help us differentiate ourselves from competitors.

  • Andy Bullimore, Brand Manager SLM Toyota

    The Accreditation process has been a fantastic recognition and validation of all the hard work our team have contributed to supporting and developing our People. From implementing new recruitment and induction processes, a range of employee benefits and creating an employee centric culture to developing in-house training alongside more flexible and dynamic roles, our teams have fully engaged in our journey.

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