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Loyal Customer and Friend Father Ranahan Purchases Another New Toyota

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Loyal Customer and Friend Father Ranahan Purchases Another New Toyota

Since 1981, Father G Ranahan has purchased over 10 cars from SLM Toyota Hastings.

  • Our good friend and valued customer Father G Ranahan has just purchased his brand new Prius Business Edition from SLM Toyota. Father G Ranahan has stayed loyal to the Toyota Hastings branch for many years and has been buying his cars from us since 1981. Since then he has owned over 10 Toyotas and has recommended our dealership to many of his friends and work colleagues.

    Father Ranahan is thrilled with his new Toyota Prius Business Edition, he thinks that all of the latest technology is amazing and cannot wait to start using it all. His choice of the economically friendly Prius model is perfect for him as he travels a great number of long distance journeys. He is now retiring so will have plenty of time to enjoy his new car and all the technologies inside it.

    Sales Executive Tony Piazza has been looking after Father Ranahan for many years. Tony wants to thank him for returning to SLM Toyota all this time and says it was a pleasure to meet and serve him and hopes he helped fulfil all his needs and requirements.

    Ian Wakeford, Managing Director of SLM commented:

    "SLM have always wanted to form relationships with all our good customers and friends, each and every one of them. Every now and then we develop special friends for life. Father Ranahan is one of the best examples I can think of. Father has been popping into see us since 1981 to buy a car or have one serviced, to introduce one of his many friends to do the same, and is truly one of our very best friends.

    All that we can hope for as he has now retired and returned to Limerick in Southern Ireland is that he has the richest and longest of happy retirements, which is nothing less than he deserve. We will all miss him!" 

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2 years ago