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Let SLM Toyota Uckfield Aftersales Team Look After You & Your Car

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Let SLM Toyota Uckfield Aftersales Team Look After You & Your Car

Here at the SLM Toyota Uckfield  our aftersales team are dedicated to looking after you and your vehicle. 

SLM Toyota Uckfield is happy to help you keep you car performing at it best!

  • Now that you have found the perfect car with us at SLM Toyota Uckfield, our aftersales team are on hand to help keep your vehicle performing its best and enusring you have an excellent experience everytime you visit the aftersales department.

    Whether you need a service, repair or parts our qualified team are happy to help.

  • Pictured above is the SLM Toyota Uckfield Aftersales team (from left to right):

    Tim Bailey - Parts Controller
    Dan Goldsmith - Service Advisor
    Dave Longman – Service Advisor
    Hayley Meechan – Service Administrator
    Vince Riseborough – After Sales Manager
    Kevin Clarke – Collection & Delivery Driver

    And finally, John Fuller, our Parts Driver.

  • What's more, our Toyota trained technicians will make sure you and your vehicle are properly cared for. Our technicians only use genuine Toyota parts to ensure your vehicle is running at optimum performance.

  • Pictured on the right is the SLM Toyota Uckfield Technician Team (from left to right):

    Billy Fenner – Apprentice Technician
    Rob Fuller – Master Technician
    Pete Hall – Service Technician
    Vince Riseborough – Aftersales Manager
    Adam Carpenter – Service Technician
    Ross Stevens – Pro-Technician

  • Contact SLM Toyota Uckfield today to speak to an experienced member of the aftersales team.

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