Arctic Trucks Visit SLM Toyota Norwich

26 Posted: 26th Feb 2024
Arctic Trucks Visit SLM Toyota Norwich

We are thrilled to have hosted Arctic Trucks and their impressive Hilux AT35 demonstrator at SLM Toyota Norwich, as part of their UK roadshow.

  • On Friday 23rd February, we welcomed customers and off-roading enthusiasts to our centre, to experience the unparalleled capabilities of this re-engineered high mobility vehicle.

  • Who Are Arctic Trucks?

    Arctic Trucks are renowned for their expertise in creating vehicles tailored for extreme conditions. They have built an unwavering reputation for developing robust and reliable vehicles, such as the Toyota Hilux AT35. With a focus on innovation and adventure, Arctic Trucks are synonymous for creating vehicles that are capable of tackling the harshest terrains across the world.


  • A Day With The Hilux AT35

    Arctic Trucks' visit to our Toyota Norwich Centre was nothing short of amazing. Customers had the opportunity to discover the Hilux AT35, experiencing its rugged design and formidable presence. From exploring its aggressive exterior features to marvelling at its interior comforts, there was something for everyone to admire.

    But the real excitement came when customers took the Hilux AT35 for a test drive. They experienced the fantastic handling and comfort first hand, all whilst testing out the vehicle's capabilities on the motorways, country roads and even through fords. The Hilux AT35 must be seen, and driven, to be believed.

  • Arctic Trucks Hilux AT35 Visits SLM Toyota Norwich
  • Features & Specifications of the Hilux AT35

    The Hilux AT35 is a true master when it comes to quality, durability and reliability. This cool and capable version of the Hilux is adapted to conquer the toughest environments with ease. Equipped with upgraded wheels, optimised suspension and elevated ground clearance, it offers unmatched stability and control in challenging conditions. With a powerful engine and enhanced off road features, the Hilux AT35 delivers exceptional performance, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.


    Here's Carrim from Arctic Trucks to talk you through the specifications in more detail.

  • Drive Without Limits

    We would like to thank the Arctic Trucks team for sharing their expertise with us, and our customers for coming along to experience the Hilux AT35. It was a pleasure to showcase this remarkable vehicle at our Toyota Norwich Centre and demonstrate this legendary vehicle. We look forward to inspiring more adventure in the future.

    If you would like to take your Hilux to the next level, visit the Arctic Trucks website, or contact the SLM Toyota Norwich team.

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