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Vince Riseborough Attends Graduation Ceremony

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Vince Riseborough Attends Graduation Ceremony

Vince Riseborough attends his graduation ceremony for the Toyota Way Management Development Programme.

  • Vince Riseborough, After Sales Manager at Toyota Uckfield, recently graduated from the Toyota Way Management Development Programme. Vince attended his graduation ceremony in December, held at Loughborough University.

    Vince was enrolled onto the Toyota Way Management Development Programme to gain more understanding of managing a team the Toyota Way.  The course included introduction to business planning -objectives, strategy, tactics and key principles- as well as methods to improve organizational performance, problem solving ‘the Toyota Way’ and foundations of management coaching for high performance from his team. Finally, Vince designed a business case for change project which he had to present to the Toyota course facilitators.

  • Doreen, the Commercial Management Module 2 Facilitator who graded Vince's project, said:

    “Vince is a great manager who is determined to make a difference to his role, his team and his business. He takes his own professional development seriously and was attentive and receptive to new learning and things he already knew, but perhaps had dropped off the radar and needed refreshing during his time on the Managers of Tomorrow programme.  I believe Vince is a fine example to other managers currently undergoing this programme: he shows what can be achieved when you mix great management and leadership skills with good commercial acumen.”

    Vince found his time on the course both extremely enjoyable and beneficial, saying:

    “I thoroughly enjoyed this course; I met some great people and learnt some useful ‘new world’ business and management tools, which could be used daily. Doreen and her team of associates ensured the whole course was presented in an interesting and informative way- I thought Loughborough University was an outstanding venue with great facilities. I would be happy recommend this course to other Toyota/Lexus managers.

    I would like to thank SLM and Toyota GB for the opportunity, and the support of Simon and my team, in the completion of this programme.”

  • Simon Evinson, General Manager for SLM Toyota Uckfield, congratulated Vince on his completion of the Managers of Tomorrow programme with Toyota GB. Simon said “Vince has worked extremely hard on both of the projects he was set. The first project was centred around Customer Recommendation (CRS), and Vince has implemented some of the skills he has learnt during this course and has improved the service CRS score at Uckfield to 80.9, which is 11.1 above national average and places us 22nd within the network. Well done Vince and the aftersales team for a great effort. “

    Everyone at SLM would like to congratulate Vince, we are sure he will put the skills he has learnt to good use here at Uckfield.

  • Contact SLM Toyota Uckfield today to find out more.

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