The All New Yaris Cross gets the hype it deserves!

20 Posted: 20th Oct 2021
The All New Yaris Cross gets the hype it deserves!

After the successful launch of the All New Yaris Cross in September 2021, SLM Toyota have teamed up with Bryan Guno, Digital Creator, and Truman Terracotta, Photographer and Videographer, to help capture the vehicle's beauty.

  • After the vehicle's launch in September, SLM Toyota took it upon themselves to team up with a range of influencers in order to help promote the launch as well as create awareness around both the brand and the vehicle. 

    Bryan and his team originally reached out to SLM Toyota Hastings back in June with a keen interest in the Toyota GR Supra. SLM recognised Bryan’s interest in the brand and were really keen to work with the creator and his team! 

    After back and forth messaging, the time finally came for Bryan and his team to pick up the All New Yaris Cross from our SLM Toyota Hastings center. Despite the typical British weather being against us, the creator and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with and were so excited to get started.

    On his return, Bryan said, “This car is full of adventure and I am a huge fan of the distinctive design, the sporty look and the self-charging hybrid this car offers. Toyota has done a great job designing this car in and out. It’s like a Go Kart meets SUV, it’s fun to drive and easy going.”

    Not only did Bryan and his team enjoy driving the car but they also got some amazing pieces of content that SLM Toyota are so grateful for!

  • On behalf of SLM Toyota, we’d like to thank Bryan, Truman and the team for their hard work and amazing creative skills that they have truly replicated through the work that they have produced.

    There is more to come from this team so keep an eye out…

    Check out their social media profiles here:

    Bryan Guno

    Truman Terracotta 


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