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SLM Toyota works with Sussex Police to fight against catalytic converter theft

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SLM Toyota works with Sussex Police to fight against catalytic converter theft

Toyota have joined forces with Smartwater, the long-established market leader in forensic marking of products, and the National Police Coordinators, to fight against the plight of catalytic converter theft on cars.

  • SLM Toyota are pleased to announce that Toyota have partnered with Smartwater, and the National Police Coordinators, to fight against the ever growing issue of catalytic converter theft on cars. 

    Smartwater Group are the brand leader in the forensic marking of products; once applied, the ‘invisible marker’ is guaranteed to last 5 years, and has a proven track record in securing conviction through the courts. It’s easy to see why it’s presence is a deterrent to criminals!  

    This week sees the Police ‘Metal Team’ embark on a National Week of Action (WoA), where they’ll visit scrap yards, recycling plants and mobile collectors in a bid to clamp down on the illegal buying and selling of stolen catalytic converters. This initiative will involve 38 police forces from around the UK, and Toyota GB have donated a significant volume of Smartwater forensic marking kits to each police force to assist in the efforts.  

    Below, we can see a PSCO of Sussex Police at our SLM Toyota Hastings Centre applying one of Smartwater’s forensic marking kits to a Toyota.  

  • SLM Toyota are pleased to have been involved in the WoA this week, and have no doubt that Toyota’s contribution, along with the National Police Coordinators, and of course Smartwater’s superb forensic product, will help to reduce catalytic converter crime.  

    Here we can see our SLM Toyota Hastings Service Manager Stephen Cross, and Toyota Technician Mark Bradford on the right, along with members from Sussex Police, as they carried out their work in the WoA.  

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