Glyne Gap School Pebsham Pathway Complete

27 Posted: 27th Jun 2019
Glyne Gap School Pebsham Pathway Complete

Toyota Fund For Tomorrow donation used to add a wheelchair accessible path at Gylne Gap School.

  • Here at SLM Toyota Hastings, we are proud to announce the completion of the pathway at the Glyne Gap School which was funded by the £1,950 cheque donated by Toyota Fund For A Better Tomorrow in 2016.

    The money was used the improve the school’s outdoor space, making it accessible for wheelchairs. The new pathway provides easy access to the school’s Wild Garden all year round. Covered with artificial grass, the new pathway blends into the surrounding environment whilst also making the Wild Garden accessible to everyone.

    Named Pebsham Pathway, the new access to the Wild Garden is a brilliant addition to the school’s outdoor area. With year long access, the teachers, children and relatives can all enjoy what the Wild Garden has to offer. With the aim of utilising the space as a classroom for teachers to hold lessons on the natural subjects on offer at the Wild Garden as well as other environmental topics.

    The space can also now be used for activities such as, circle-time, storytelling, music and theatre sessions. The students are also encouraged to use the space to make friends through the familiar playtime. ‘Family Days’, where the children and their relations spend a few hours together on the grounds, will also be arranged to happen each half term on a Saturday.

    SLM Toyota Hastings is exceptionally pleased for Glyne Gap School and we are proud to have funded such an amazing project which has made a huge difference to the pupils, teachers and relatives as they can all enjoy the Wild Garden Experience to the full.


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