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Another Year of Continued Success for Rye Community Food and Wildlife Garden

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Another Year of Continued Success for Rye Community Food and Wildlife Garden

SLM Toyota Hastings have received an update on Rye Community Garden's progress.

  • 2019 has been a year of consolidation and continued growth for Rye Community Food and Wildlife Garden. As the year draws to a close, SLM would like to celebrate its achievements in 2019.

    During November, The Conservation Volunteers worked with some of the Garden Committee on installing the all-weather access path leading from the entrance across garden, giving easier access to both the gazebo and wooden shed.

    The laying of the all-weather self-binding gravel will be laid in the spring, giving the existing substrate sufficient time to ‘bed in’. In one of the autumn storms, the willows around the gazebo suffered some damage so all these branches have been cut away; the resultant wood pile is impressive!

  • In the vegetable garden, work is being completed on the walkways and on realigning the stretch of wire fencing facing the gazebo to create a weed/grass free boundary with the new Entrance Path. The woodchip surface not only makes for a safer working environment for the garden’s Volunteers but also controls any invasive weed growth. The intention is to have the work on the pathways in hand before work re-commences in the early spring.

    Looking ahead to 2020 Projects, the garden’s application to the Little Cheyne Wind Farm Fund to fund Anna Pole’s 2020 contract has been successful, and the Garden will now be able to come to life in February under her expert eye! Between now and Anna’s return, future development projects are being planned, such as a Wild Flower Meadow between the apple trees and the Central Path which will encourage greater biodiversity in the garden. The hoped-for increase in insect numbers will assist in pollination of the fruit trees and shrubs. In addition, not having to mow the area three time a year will reduce the maintenance load.

    Everyone at SLM Toyota are extremely pleased to have been able to help with such a brilliant project that benefits everyone in the local community. The Garden has come a long way in just 5 years thanks to all the Volunteers and Supporters - here’s to many more!


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