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All New Yaris shines bright with European Car of The Year 2021 nomination

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All New Yaris shines bright with European Car of The Year 2021 nomination

One of our newest model additions, the All New Toyota Yaris, is clearly making waves in the new car market, having been nominated as a finalist in the 2021 European Car Of The Year Awards. 

  • Here at SLM Toyota, we’re all proud to be delivering some of the most innovative and exciting vehicles from across our manufacturer partners, but we can’t put into words how excited it makes us feel when one of our marques is nominated as a finalist for an award, let alone an award as prestigious as the European Car of The Year! To start a brand new year, we get to be this excited, as the All New Toyota Yaris has beaten fierce competition to be nominated as one of seven finalists in this year’s awards.  

    I suppose, when we think about it, it’s not a huge surprise, as the All New Yaris really does bring something new, refreshing, exciting, and energetic to the market.  

    Using Toyota’s 20 years of experience and knowledge in hybrid technology, the All New Yaris is a city car that benefits from a 4th generation, cutting edge light weight lithium-ion battery that is one of the most innovative in it’s segment of the market.  

    It’s more than just a facelift too! The All New Yaris has been given a complete rehaul, with it’s round curves, bull shape and stance, unbroken lines from the bonnet to the rear of the roof, and of course it’s eye-catching boomerang style rear bumper. This comes together to create an agile, and dynamic look with real road presence.

  • The All New Yaris impresses beyond looks though, and offers a connected and intelligent driving experience. For example, becoming one with the car, the All New Yaris offers the driver an intuitive ‘heads up display’, showing the driver key information about the car and their journey without having to take their eyes off the road. There’s also interwoven connectivity with the state of the art MyT Connected Services, granting the owner information on their car’s location, upcoming maintenance work, hybrid driving tips, and more... all at their fingertips from their phone.  

  • So... I'm sure you’ll agree that it makes sense that the All New Yaris has been recognised as a contender for this accolade.  

    You can find out more about the All New Yaris at SLM Toyota by clicking here

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