5 Ways To Maximise Your EVs Battery Range

22 Posted: 22nd May 2023
5 Ways To Maximise Your EVs Battery Range

Are you curious how an electric vehicle could suit your lifestyle? Or are you already a proud electric vehicle owner, who is looking for ways to maximise your battery range? In this article we will explain good habits to help you unleash the full potential of your EVs range and how you can extend your driving distance.

  1. Plan your routes with charging stations in mind
  2. Utilise regenerative braking
  3. Optimise climate control
  4. Monitor and control energy consumption
  5. Maintain optimal tyre pressure


  • Why is maximising your EVs range important?

    With the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), we find ourselves at the forefront of a sustainable transport revolution. These cutting-edge vehicles offer an eco-friendly alternative to their fossil fuel counterparts, while providing a smooth and efficient driving experience. Manufacturers have made significant strides in battery technology during recent years, and just like with a petrol or diesel car, there are a few tips to help you optimise your range. 

    Using techniques to maximse your range will not only allow you to travel further, but will save your wallet and the environment.

    These five simple, yet effective ways, can help you make the most of your electric vehicle's range.

    1. Plan Your Routes with Charging Stations in Mind

    One of the key aspects of EV ownership is planning ahead. Before embarking on a long journey, take the time to research and identify charging stations along your route.

    There are a few mobile applications and online platforms which can assist you in locating charging infrastructure. By mapping out your stops strategically, you can eliminate range anxiety and ensure you have access to charging whenever you need. Apps like Zapmap are great at showing users available charging points for all car brands. However, some manufacturers offer their own dedicated app which can offer a range of brand specific benefits. Toyota owners can download the MyT App which allows them to take advantage of the Toyota Public Charging Network. This is a subscription service for Toyota customers to simply charge at thounsands of points across the UK, without having to set up alternative payment methods or downloading multiple apps.

    Not only does this save your battery and time by not wasting miles looking for a charger, you can also incorporate this with a comfort stop for a quick refreshment – similar to those times where you would look for somewhere to refuel!

    2. Utilise Regenerative Braking

    Regenerative breaking is a remarkable feature that sets electric vehicles apart from conventional ones. When you brake or decelerate, EVs convert the kinetic energy into electricity, which is then stored back into the battery.

    This is a smart tool that can often be selected by pushing a button either on your dashboard or on the console. For example, in a Vauxhall Mokka Electric, you will find a “B” mode button near the drive selectors. When pressed, it engages the regenerative breaking mechanism and begins to store energy to the battery from the braking system.

    By utilising regenerative braking techniques, you can regain some extra miles for your journey. Adjusting to this driving style may take some getting used to, but once you master it, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you can recover while enhancing your EVs efficiency.


  • Vauxhall Mokka Electric Regenerative Braking
  • 3. Optimise Climate Control

    Comfort is essential during every car journey, but certain climate control settings may drain your EVs faster than others, so it’s good to be aware of what you have switched on. To save power when on the road, consider pre-conditioning your vehicle while it’s still connected to a charger. This allows you to cool or heat the interior using grid electricity instead of relying on the battery.

    Vauxhall developed the MyVauxhall app for their customers which includes an e-Remote Control feature. Users can remotely pre-condition their cabin temperature before journeys to maximise their charge. Or even pre-schedule charging times at night, and to benefit from cheaper electricity.

    Additionally, using seat heaters and steering wheel warmers can be more energy-efficient than cranking up the heat in the entire cabin. By finding the perfect balance between comfort and energy conservation, you can significantly extend your EVs range.

    4. Monitor and Control Energy Consumption

    Modern EVs provide advanced tools and features to monitor and control energy use. Pay attention to your vehicles energy management system and utilise eco-driving modes when available. These modes optimise the car’s performance for efficient driving and reduces power consumption without compromising on comfort or safety. Additionally, keeping an eye on your EVs energy usage through the dashboard or smartphone apps can help you can help you identify any anomalies and adjust your driving habits accordingly.

    5. Maintain Optimal Tyre Pressure

    Proper tyre maintenance is essential for any vehicle, and electric cars are no exception! Maintaining the recommend pressure in your tyres not only enhances safety and handling, but also contributes to battery preservation. Underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance, leading to a higher energy demand from the battery. Regularly checking and maintaining your tyres to the manufacture’s specifications can improve your EVs range and efficiency.

    Our technicians are trained to look after your electric vehicle to the highest standards. If you have any concerns about your EV, book in to one of our centres to have our experts carry out a health check, so you can ensure everything is maintained correctly.

    Time to Embrace Efficiency

    Electric vehicles have paved the way for a sustainable and greener future. By implementing these five simple practices, you can help to maximise your EVs battery life, save energy and contribute to a cleaner environment. With careful planning, efficient driving techniques, and regular maintenance, you’ll embark on your journeys with confidence, knowing that your electric vehicle is optimised for both for performance and sustainability. Let’s continue to embrace the positive changes EV bring, and together, we can drive towards a cleaner and brighter future.

    If you would like more information on our new and used electric vehicles, or would like to discuss our EV aftersales service, contact our team who will be happy to assist.

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