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Meet the Team – Lisa Stovell Joins SLM Vauxhall Hastings as Aftersales Booking Advisor

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Meet the Team – Lisa Stovell Joins SLM Vauxhall Hastings as Aftersales Booking Advisor

SLM Vauxhall Hastings is delighted to welcome new starter Lisa Stovell to the team. Lisa joins as Aftersales Booking Advisor. 

  • Joining SLM Vauxhall Hastings with a wealth of experience in the Motorhome industry, Lisa has her own history with SLM Vauxhall Hastings. Lisa’s father, Brian once worked at this dealership.  

    Lisa’s family really are petrol heads, with Lisa’s husband, to whom she has been married for 23 years, also working as an auto electrician. Her first car was a 1990’s Austin Metro in Brown. And when asked what her favourite Vauxhall car has been over the years, Lisa said “It has to be the Omega for me, so spacious and it felt luxury with the leather interior. A real comfy ride.” 

    Lisa’s first ever job was in a cinema in Hastings – she was the lady with the ice-cream! “I loved that job” she said, “Lots of kids enjoying themselves at Saturday Morning Cinema.” 

    We asked Lisa if there was one place she could visit in the world for 24 hours, where would it be? “Disney in Florida. I’ve been there before with my parents, and more recently with my husband. We go over other year, not even just for the rides – but the atmosphere is fantastic.” 

    Lisa enjoys crocheting, and she’s good at it too! Taking after her mother, Lisa enjoys making blankets and other pieces in her spare time.  

    We couldn’t interview Lisa without asking her what her favourite song is... “Michael Jackson – A Lady of my Life. It’s mine and my husband’s song.” 

    Great choice, Lisa. 

    You can meet Lisa and the rest of the team at SLM Vauxhall Hasting today. 

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