World EV Day 2023

6 Posted: 6th Sep 2023
World EV Day 2023

We are committed to helping people find their perfect car and supporting those who want to make the switch to electric. At SLM we offer a wide range of hybrids and electric vehicles from leading brands including Toyota, GWM ORA, Vauxhall and Suzuki. That's why this year we are pleased to be celebrating World EV Day on September 9th.


  • What is World EV Day?

    World EV Day is an annual event which aims to drive e-mobility awareness across the globe. This event gains support from Governments, businesses and organisations across the world. Popular brands such as Auto Trader and Shell are partnering with this event in 2023 to encourage drivers to start their electrification journey.

    The overall goal of World EV day is to educate drivers on the benefits on EVs and help them transition to electric, in order to accelerate towards a cleaner and more sustainable transportation system.

  • Why Make The Switch To Electric?

    With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars set to end in the UK in 2030, manufacturers are now producing a wide variety of hybrid and electric alternatives. Although driving an electric vehicle is a new experience for many people, there are many similarities between them and conventional fuel cars. Here are some added bonuses of driving electric:

    • They have instant torque, giving the vehicles lots of power and great acceleration
    • Quiet and smooth driving experience
    • Produces zero emissions when driving which reduces air pollution and climate change
    • Fleet drivers can often benefit from reduced Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) tax
    • With the popularity of EVs growing, more model choices are available and charging infrastructure is becoming more accessible
  • Explore Electric Vehicles Available At SLM

    We have a large choice of both New and Approved Used hybrid and electric vehicles across all of our brands. Here are just some of the models available:

  • All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X Charging

    All-New All-Electric Toyota bZ4X

    Available in three trim levels; Pure, Motion and Vision, Toyota's All-Electric SUV has a range of up to 270 miles*. With the Pure grade starting from £46,755, the spacious SUV offers huge amounts of rear leg room and a comfortable ride. Inside you will find a large touchscreen infotainment system packed with features and safety tech as standard.

    Explore bZ4X

  • GWM ORA Funky Cat World EV Day

    GWM ORA Funky Cat

    ORA is a Chinese brand which is relatively new to the UK market, having launched at the end of 2022. Specialising in 100% electric vehicles, ORA is enthusiastic about sustainability. The Funky Cat is the only model in the UK range currently, with new models due to arrive in 2024. Our brand new GWM ORA Norwich showroom has the Funky Cat available to test drive.

    The Funky Cat has a retro-futuristic design, inspired by classic cars. Its round headlights and curved roofline make this model unique and stand out against its competitors. This EV is powered by a 48kWh battery that gives the car a range of up to 193 miles*.

    This is considered to be one of the more affordable electric hatchbacks available, however it certainly doesn't compromise on technology or design. Starting from £31,995, the Funky Cat is equipped with a touch-screen infotainment system, 360 degree surround cameras and a suite of driver assistance features, all as standard.

    Explore The Funky Cat

  • Vauxhall Corsa Electric World EV Day

    Vauxhall Electric Range

    Over recent years, Vauxhall have introduced electric powertrains versions of their iconic models. From the smaller Corsa Electric and popular Astra Electric, to the Mokka Electric SUV and Vivaro Life Electric Van - there is a something to suit every lifestyle.

    The smallest car in the electric range is the Corsa Electric. The all-new model has a nimble design and has a range of up to 246 miles* on a single charge.

    The Vauxhall brand have recently launched the Electric Streets of Britain campaign to support the 40% of UK households without off-street parking to make the switch to electric. By partnering with local governments, businesses and the public, the initiative aims to make car charging more accessible for everyone.

    Explore Vauxhall Electric Range

  • Suzuki S-Cross World EV Day

    Suzuki Hybrid Range

    The Suzuki brand offers impressive hybrid technology across the whole new car range as standard - perfect for those who aren't ready to make the change to full electric.

    Their popular Ignis, Swift, Vitara and S-Cross are all available as mild hybrids, with the Swace being full hybrid. All of these models are self-charging, so they convert the kinetic energy which is lost in braking, into electricity to recharge the battery.

    The Across is the only plug-in hybrid in the Suzuki line up. With this model you can take advantage of a up to 46 miles* of electric hybrid range after charging at home or at a public EV Charging station.

    Explore Suzuki Hybrid Range

  • Time To Go Electric?

    World EV Day is a great opportunity to learn more about electric vehicles and take action to support the transition to a greener transportation system. If you're considering making the switch to electric or want to know more about EVs, our knowledgeable teams are here to guide you through your test drive and answer any questions.

    Get in touch to learn more about electric vehicles.

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