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Toyota Prius Plug-in: reviews round-up

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Toyota Prius Plug-in: reviews round-up
  • Following extensive trials around Europe, the Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid is finally on sale in the UK. Autocar magazine’s first drive review, and the latest positive Toyota reviews it has published in recent weeks. Mark Tisshaw said: “As a conventional hybrid, the Plug-in performs as competently as any other Prius. The car switches seamlessly between petrol and electric power. “One of the biggest changes to the Prius Plug-in since the earlier trials is the addition of a new ‘EV City’ mode. This allows for much more forceful use of the throttle before the petrol engine kicks in and is thus considered to be a much truer EV mode should future legislation create zero-emissions zones in city centres. “If the majority of journeys are short, you really will become an unfamiliar face down your local petrol station as you’ll barely be touching the contents of the 45-litre fuel tank. “The Prius Plug-in is probably the most tempting product yet for those wanting to take the plunge and go green without the fear that they are investing in unproven technology.” Blogger Keith Jones was equally pleased with his time in the car, saying: “No matter how hard you attempt to drive the Prius, little seems to dent its fuel efficiency… Despite a test route which included typical stop-start urban slogs, winding country roads and a motorway commute, the trip computer indicated a seemingly unbelievable 129.5mpg. “The Prius Plug-in also feels faster than its 11.4 second jog to 60mph suggests it will be too – performance-wise, it’s very easy to live with. “It’s occasionally levelled by those who shout loudest (with others gleefully jumping on the bandwagon) that cars like the Prius are the automotive anathema of real car enthusiasts. I totally disagree. If you’re looking for a wonderfully engaging, exhilarating driving experience then the Prius is unlikely to be anyone’s default choice. But as an enthusiast of cars (and one who would choose driving over public transport for the majority of journeys) I could see myself at the wheel of the Plug-in. “Low running costs and sheer ease of use would make cross city travels less of a chore; completing the journey having used no petrol at all would merely add to the satisfaction.”
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