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The Vauxhall Insignia Impresses in Every Way

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  • The Vauxhall Insignia Sports Tourer Tech Line is a “big beast of a car that will take everything you can throw at it”, says the Daily Record’s Maggie Barry. “The crucial fleet market is always on the lookout for a new car that is as good looking as it is practical and so far this car has done tremendously well.” The Insignia is a “big boy”, with “long sleek looks and a bit of chrome around the windows to give it a touch of class and style”. Inside it’s “comfortable to the point of sighing”. Barry explains: “The driver is well looked after with good lumbar support and lots of adjustments for the seat.” The infotainment system is “very intuitive and easy to use”, part of Vauxhall’s attempts to “make life a scoosh for the driver”. “The Insignia Sports Tourer comes with the new two-litre Whisper engine which makes the car sound as comfortable as it feels – the strong silent type. This engine gives you loads of power while reducing noise to a minimum. Life on the road just became a pleasure.” There’s one other feature that Barry enjoys: “The Insignia has tunnel detection which is great news for those in Glasgow or Liverpool, or anywhere else with tunnels. Then again, it would be much more fun to take it to Mont Blanc and use the tunnel there.”
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4 years ago