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SLM Group Welcomes New Recruitment and Compliance Administrator

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SLM Group Welcomes New Recruitment and Compliance Administrator

SLM Group welcomes Lindsey-Jane Bolt, who joins the business as our new Recruitment and Compliance Administrator. 

  • New to the industry and with no experience in motors, Lindsey-Jane says “I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing, ever since I was sixteen!”. 

    Although this is her first role in the automotive industry, Lindsey-Jane has previously held customer facing roles, and enjoys working with people. She does like her cars, though, and says the Nissan GTR is her favourite of the current Nissan range. “The Nissan GTR is my favourite, it’s definitely the nicest looking practical road car”. 

    Outside of work, Lindsey-Jane enjoys taking her children on adventures, including to the zoo and the local farms. When she’s not looking after the kids, she enjoys spending time with her partner, and together they get one tattoo per month! “My partner and I both have a one-hour booking for tattoos each month, I especially love getting Japanese flowers”. Lindsey-Jane also enjoys music, having recently seen Dave live. She also likes to sing ‘Would I Lie To You’ with her daughter, Hallie. 

    We asked Lindsey-Jane if there was anywhere she could visit in the world for just 24 hours, where would it be?

    “Probably one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Maybe Petra in Jordan?”, she said. “I enjoy exploring more than my partner, so maybe I’d go on my own... although, if there was a pool, he’d probably join me!” That sounds pretty good, LJ! 

    We’d like to wish Lindsey-Jane a warm welcome to the team here at SLM! 

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