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Sara Lee Trust's Summer Update

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Sara Lee Trust's Summer Update

An exciting and busy year so far for the Sara Lee Trust.

  • SLM Group has been supporting the Sara Lee Trust for over a year and are pleased and honoured to be part of such a good charity that continually aids its local community. As we are now past the middle of 2017, SLM have an update from the Trust that we would like to share with you.

    As you will see from the latest e-newsletter, it has been an exciting and very busy year for the Sara Lee Trust. Most importantly, they are:

    Supporting more local people (up 30% year on year)
    Providing an increased range of services (meeting needs identified through our annual patient survey)
    Improving access to care by developing a community based hub in Bexhill
    Significantly increasing our capacity with National Lottery support.

    A message from the Sara Lee Trust: "Your ongoing support for the Trust is a major enabling factor in all of these developments. On behalf of all our team and patients, thank you."

    SLM would like to extend the deepest thanks to the Sara Lee Trust for their continued efforts to improve the lives of people in the local community.

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2 years ago