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How Many Bananas Can You Fit In A Toyota Aygo?

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How Many Bananas Can You Fit In A Toyota Aygo?
  • A strange question to ask, you might think. Though last week Toyota were asked just that and aimed to find out the answer. The project began when Aygo fan David NcNaily challenged Toyota over Twitter to fill the car with bananas and they felt they could not turn such a creative opportunity down. Project #Aygobananas was launched. The project took place in Covent Garden as the team of five were supplied with boxes of mixed bananas from Pemier Fruits. After four hours, many cups of coffee and 27 boxes of bananas the Toyota Aygo was full to the brim. So the answer is that it takes a grand total of 4,747 bananas to fill a Toyota Agyo! Before the team could leave, the bananas were re-boxed and prepared for the next stage of #Aygobananas. 17 of these boxes were donated to food distribution charity FareShare. This charity works across the UK to relieve food poverty and lower food waste up and down the country. Toyota then donated the remaining bananas to Port Lympe Wild Animal Park in Kent, where they will help feed many animal groups including monkeys, gorillas and the endangered Belted Ruffled Lemurs. A silly question can go a long way!
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7 years ago