SLM Toyota Uckfield Welcomes Hayley Meechan As Service Administrator

SLM Toyota Uckfield Welcomes Hayley Meechan As Service Administrator
Learn more about our new Service Administrator today.

Here at SLM Toyota Uckfield we are very glad to be welcoming Hayley Meechan to the team as our new Service Administrator. Hayley is pictured above. 

Having spent 17 years in the Beer industry, Hayley is starting her career in the motor industry with SLM Toyota Uckfield as a Service Administrator. Hayley said that the Toyota brand attracted her to the position, as she has always worked for BlueChip companies. 

Hayley started working for SLM Toyota Uckfield on 18th June 2018 and has said she really enjoys "being able to work as a team to make customers walk away happy."

Paul Hardwell, General Manager, said: "We are so pleased to have Hayley on board, as her job role is a vital part of the dealership, helping us ensure customers are happy and informed of the service they are receiving. Hayley is doing really well and has taken to her new role very quickly and efficiently, she is really making a difference here at SLM Toyota Uckfield."

The Toyota GT86 is Hayleys favourite car in the Toyota range, as she enjoys high performance fast cars. Hayley's first ever car was a Ford Escort.

As Hayley has now spent almost two months working at SLM Toyota Uckfield, she is now looking to the future and is looking forward to "being part of a small team and watching it develop."

In her spare time, Hayley enjoys spending time with her family, socialising with her friends and taking long, relaxing walks. 

Vince Riseborough, Service Manager, had this to say: "Hayley is a pleasure to work with and I am pleased she has joined the team. I look forward to working with Hayley in the many years to come at SLM Toyota Uckfield."

All of us here at SLM Toyota Uckfield are very pleased to have Hayley on the team and she is already proving to be very hard working. We look forward to working with Hayley in the future and continuing to put smiles on our customers faces!