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SLM TOYOTA - Long Service Award for 30 Years

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SLM TOYOTA  - Long Service Award for 30 Years
  • Seen pictured is Ian Wakeford, Managing Director of St Leonards Motors receiving the prestigious Toyota Long Service award for 30 years’ service to the franchise. The presentation was made by Jon Williams, President and Managing Director, Toyota (GB) PLC and Masa Nohara, Executive Director & Coordinator, Toyota (GB) PLC in front of all the UK Toyota dealers and senior Toyota management at a recent conference held in Birmingham. The award recognises the fact that SLM Toyota are one of the longest serving Centres in the UK. Ian Wakeford commented “We could not have reached this magical milestone without the wonderful support from all our customers and staff. This award goes definitely to them not us”.
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SLM Group
7 years ago