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Bold Monza Concept Hailed

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Bold Monza Concept Hailed
  • Vauxhall’s “bold, beautiful and bombastic” Monza concept is being heralded as the “star” of the Frankfurt Motor Show for many, according to the Telegraph’s Andrew English. “Certainly the best looking Vauxhall concept for many a long year and possibly my favourite car of the show,” says English. “Those double gullwing doors are simply magnificent and the floating projected LED dashboard makes all those faux iPads on rival cars look amateurish.” Speaking at the event, design boss Mark Adams claimed the Monza is “a vision of where we are taking Vauxhall” and although it’s unlikely to make production, the Monza’s styling cues will appear on other Vauxhalls in the future. “Under the skin is the first appearance of GM’s new three-cylinder, 1.0-litre petrol engine, which will go into the ADAM boutique supermini at the end of next year. The rest of the plug-in hybrid driveline is pure Ampera. Don’t expect the little three-pot to go into that car anytime soon, however,” he says. Top Gear has also weighed in with its view of what the “pretty” Monza could mean for Vauxhall: “You could easily see this turned into a very sexy coupé, something that could act as a halo for the brand.” Adams agrees: “The Monza is the beacon to say our next wave of cars will be very heavily influenced by this car.” (Links: The Telegraph, 10 September, Top Gear, 13 September)
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7 years ago