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Ben's Tops Tips from the Tour

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Ben's Tops Tips from the Tour
  • Often during the current weather and the upcoming spring, when you are out playing golf you will often find that the bunkers are filled with water or wet sand. Here are my tops tip to help you. Firstly a quick rule many of you are aware of - water in the bunker entitles you to a free drop but this can only be taken in the bunker on the sand. The only way that you will be able to take full relief out of the bunker is if the bunker is marked by Ground Under Repair (GUR) marked by the green keeper. When I approach playing out of a wet bunker, I make sure that the angle of the club is adapted to playing out of sand, normally not as open as the club head and is place square to the ball. This eliminates the bounce of the bottom of the club head on the hard, compact and wet sand. You need to keep the club head moving through the sand during impact, ensuring the angle of attack into ball is steeper, helping the club dig into the hard and wet sand. But be careful that you don’t decelerate when the clubs enters the sand. It is very important to make contact with the sand before the ball, this will splash the ball out. Depending on the length of the shot, for a longer shot I will aim for 1 inch distance behind the ball, whereas for a shorter shot it will be 3 to 4 inches. Bunker shots for amateurs are a challenge especially when the bunker is wet, but try these few tips when your are next playing and see how it works for you.
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6 years ago