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Adam and Corsa cover all the bases

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Adam and Corsa cover all the bases
  • ADAM and Corsa cover all the bases WhatCar?’s Vicky Parrott pitched the “classy” ADAM and “stylish” Corsa against each other and found plenty of reasons why either of Vauxhall’s small hatchbacks would make a good buy. With a range of engines available for each car, Parrott reasons that although the 86bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine in the ADAM is “flexible” the smaller, 69bhp 1.2-litre “is the best bet” and “just as good in normal use” as the more powerful alternative. The Corsa, meanwhile, is best equipped with the 99bhp 1.4-litre petrol, which offers “enough power and flexibility to help the Corsa feel at home in and out of town, while keeping things affordable”. In both cars the steering is “precise” at low speed, and “are similar when it comes to ride, too”, though there is a clear winner when it comes to driving at higher speeds: “It’s the Corsa that does the best job of shutting out wind and road noise on the motorway.” The larger Corsa also “does a better job of accommodating its passengers than the Adam”, however the two cars are more even in the amount of space on offer up front. “In the front of the cabin, things are pretty equal; both cars have enough head- and legroom for six-foot passengers.” Style-wise, it’s the ADAM which “looks and feels the newer model inside” thanks to “better materials and an uncomplicated dashboard layout”. The Corsa, meanwhile, has the upper hand in terms of rear passenger space, with both three-and five-door models [boasting] “enough legroom in the back seats for a couple of adults”. Pollard concludes: “If your preference of car is all about looking good and having something that puts a smile on your face, the ADAM has much more image appeal than the Corsa. “If space and ease of use are priorities, the Corsa is the better option.” (Link: WhatCar?, 11 November)
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6 years ago