22 Employees of SLM Group receive Long Service Awards

25 Posted: 25th Apr 2022
22 Employees of SLM Group receive Long Service Awards

It brings much joy to say a HUGE well done to the incredible and committed long servers!

  • This has been a project the senior management have been working on for some time and going forward, once a year they will be taking time to celebrate the incredible employees who have made it past a milestone period of time working for the company. 

    Pictured below you just some of the employees who have been working for the company for over 20 YEARS! 

    Congratulations also to:

    Ian McLaughlin 31 Years, Christine Mackenzie 22 Years, Andy Brown 30 Years, Trevor George 33 Years, Bryn Pepper 30 Years, Alan Quinn 25 Years and Darren Pepper 23 Years.

    "The SLM Group board of directors wish to personally thank and congratulate each of you. Your loyalty and dedication to our company and customers has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.

    Employees are, and will always be, our greatest asset, and your contribution will continue to help the company succeed.

    Thank you for all that you do and please accept our good wishes for achieving this milestone. We look forward to celebrating your next milestone with the SLM Group!"

    We hope you will join us in saying THANK YOU for all their hard work!!! 


  • Glyn Sharman Celebrates 20 Years of Service

  • Rachel Lindfield Celebrates 20 Years of Service

  • Darren Price Celebrates 20 Years of Service

  • Tony Ray Celebrates 22 Years of Service

  • Paul Collen Celebrates 25 Years of Service

  • Malcolm Chapman Celebrates 32 Years

  • Lisa Shipley Celebrates 33 Years of Service

  • Mel Ball Celebrates 34 years of Service

  • Jay Lorton Celebrates 39 Years of service


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