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SLM Vauxhall Tunbridge Wells welcomes Sienna Carlton to the team

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SLM Vauxhall Tunbridge Wells welcomes Sienna Carlton to the team

SLM Vauxhall Tunbridge Wells are delighted to welcome Sienna Carlton to the team. 

Sienna Carlton joins SLM Vauxhall Tunbridge Wells as Parts Advisor, bringing a wealth of passion and experience with automotives. 

  • As Part Advisor, Sienna’s role includes coordinating dealership stock holdings, ordering parts, checking parts and returning faulty or unwarranted parts. The job role involves organising and categorising, which Sienna enjoys. And with a degree in motorsports engineering, she’s in the right industry!

    “I did my first year of A-levels and looked for next steps. I saw there was a motorsport course and chose that” said Sienna. “I ended up going to university to do my motorsport engineering degree. Through that I worked with several race teams, the highlight being working with the touring cars in 2020!” 

    Sienna grew up around cars with her dad – who owned several classics from Citroen DS to VW Campers and Porsches. Her passion for cars doesn’t stop there, Sienna has also been to Goodwood several times. 

    As well as her passion for motors, Sienna loves kickboxing, playing chess and binge-watching TV shows. “I have a chess board I play with my parents, and I play online with my friends too”. She’s also learning Spanish! 

    Sienna once read a 700-page book in 3 (yes three) hours. “It was a few years ago, but I recently bought a Kindle and I have gone through a series of six or seven books in a matter of days!” 

    We asked Sienna if there was one place she could visit in the world for just 24-hours, where it would be. “Iceland - I want to stay in one of those igloos with the glass roof to see the Northern Lights.”  

    Sienna’s favourite song for a long car journey is Halestorm – I am the Fire. “I saw them live a few years ago and Lizzy Hale was wearing these huge heels whilst playing guitar, it was amazing”. 
    Sienna and the rest of the SLM Vauxhall Tunbridge Wells look forward to welcoming you at the dealership soon!  

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