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SLM Toyota Norwich are pleased to introduce Reanne, our new Parts Delivery Driver

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SLM Toyota Norwich are pleased to introduce Reanne, our new Parts Delivery Driver

Meet Reanne Green, our new Parts Delivery Driver at SLM Toyota Norwich. Reanna joins us with superb experience in the delivery and courier sector, bringing a wealth of knowledge and front line skills that will allow her to slot into the role with ease.

  • Running a Toyota Centre requires a lot of moving parts, all of which need to work perfectly in sync to maintain a well-oiled machine and provide our customers with a consistent and five-star service that they’ll expect. One of these roles, whilst one of many but of great importance, is the parts delivery driver, who is responsible for picking the correct parts ordered by our customers, and then delivering them on time and with a smile.  

    Therefore, it gives us great joy to introduce Reanne Green, who joins us in Norwich as our Toyota Centre’s new Parts Delivery Driver. Reanne is an experienced courier and delivery specialist, with a number of years in driving and customer service, mainly in other sectors. Whilst this is Reanne’s first role in the motoring industry, the skills she has developed over her career will mean that she is able to easily embed and immerse herself in her new role.  

    Reanne’s new position will involve her picking parts and orders from our parts department, planning delivery routes, and promptly delivering to customers around Norwich and Norfolk, all whilst maintaining excellent customer service standards.  
    On behalf of all at SLM Toyota, we wish you a warm welcome to our family Reanne.

    You can meet Rahul and the rest of the parts team at SLM Toyota Norwich today.  

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