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SLM Toyota Norwich appoint experienced motoring professional to multifaceted Transaction Manager role

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SLM Toyota Norwich appoint experienced motoring professional to multifaceted Transaction Manager role

Our Toyota Norwich Centre is proud to announce the recent appointment of Jon Cutting to the diverse and exciting role of Transaction Manager.

  • The role of Transaction Manager within a Toyota Centre is a diverse and challenging role, requiring skills, experience and knowledge in all corners of our trade, and the ability to adapt quickly. Whilst effectively a sales-based role, the position of Transaction Manager requires the individual to be proficient in the pricing of cars, managing stock levels, compliant showroom display, training & development, and much more.  

    Given the responsibilities of this position, our Norwich Toyota Centre were over-the-moon to appoint Jon Cutting to the role of Transaction Manager, who brings with him a wide spanning and diverse career in the motoring trade.  

    Jon began his career in our wonderful industry at the spritely age of nine, attending fuel pumps at his father's garages. With this early taste for all thing automotive, he then decided to fashion a career in mechanics, learning the ins-and-outs of cars in the workshop. This hands-on work didn’t quench his thirst for helping people though, so Jon then took his mechanical skills and partnered them with his new passion for customer service, taking on an opportunity in the parts team. However, Jon’s desire to help people with their automotive needs didn’t stop there, and he eventually took a side-step into car sales, where he carved out the lion’s share of his career, progressing through to management positions.  

    Jon is currently spending his time enjoying his Toyota Hilux, which in his words is ‘very comfy’ - think we’d have to agree Jon, with it’s practical yet ‘driver-centric’ design! None the less, he did admit to having a bit of a penchant for the RAV4 – it's ok Jon, you’re allowed to like more than one Toyota! 

    On behalf of all at SLM Toyota, we wish you the very best in your new role Jon.  

    You can meet Jon and the rest of the team at SLM Toyota Norwich today.  

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