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SLM Toyota Lowestoft appoint new Trainee Customer Consultant with a flare for tech

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SLM Toyota Lowestoft appoint new Trainee Customer Consultant with a flare for tech

This April, our Lowestoft Toyota Centre welcomes Jack Diplock-Cass, who joins the recently modified team as a Trainee Customer Consultant.

  • We’re excited to announce that this April, we bring Jack Diplock-Cass into the team at SLM Toyota Lowestoft, who joins colleagues as a Trainee Customer Consultant.  

    Whilst Jack is new to the motoring industry, giving us the opportunity to teach him all there is to know about our wonderful business, he is no stranger to customer service, having served over 10 years in the tech and telecoms industry. This superb background and experience positions him perfectly to take on this new challenge, and bring a new flare to this exciting role.  

    Jack will be trained and nurtured to be a fully-fledged Customer Consultant within our Lowestoft Toyota Centre, which unlike other Centre’s around the country, amalgamates both sales and servicing advice roles. This slightly unconventional approach to customer service, positions the customer’s happiness and their relationship with our Toyota Centre first – from the moment they walk into our Centre, to the moment they wish to sell their Toyota car, they will be consulted and advised by their personal Customer Consultant, providing a seamless and comfortable experience with SLM Toyota Lowestoft.  

    Despite the fact that this is Jack’s first role in motoring, he has an impressive and successful career in customer service, specifically in the tech and telecoms sector. Given the increasing importance of technology in cars, we felt that Jack would bring an apt and refreshing dynamic to the team here at Lowestoft. Alongside his experience and interest in technology, Jack clearly has a passion for good customer service, saying “When I had my job interview we had a really interesting conversation about how customers should always come first and how I believed service always comes first, the job was very similar in service. With how cars are evolving becoming more and more technical and connected, my experience can be of use.” 

    On behalf of all at SLM Toyota, we wish you the best of luck in your new role Jack. 

    You can meet Jack and the other Customer Consultants at SLM Toyota Lowestoft today.  

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