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SLM Toyota Attleborough welcomes fresh new talent to service team

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SLM Toyota Attleborough welcomes fresh new talent to service team

We’d like to offer a warm welcome to Nathan Codling, who joins us at our Toyota Attleborough Centre as our newest Apprentice Service Technician.

  • At SLM Toyota, we are lucky enough to employ many skilled individuals, and from all walks of life in the various roles that help form our family business. However, it really warms us when we get the opportunity to spot natural talent and passion right at the start of someone’s career.  

    We certainly had this when we interviewed Nathan Codling for the role of Apprentice Service Technician at our Toyota Attleborough Centre! Nathan is fresh faced and new to the motoring industry, but his knowledge, experience, and natural passion for all this mechanical is well engrained in him. Under his own steam, Nathan has been ‘tinkering’ with cars and their engines from a young age, having bought his own Toyota MR2 Mk3 as a project car, and tirelessly working to make it roadworthy. After realising he had a penchant for vehicle maintenance, and cutting his teeth working on friends and family cars, he decided to pursue it as a career path, fortunately bringing him to apply for the role with SLM Toyota Attleborough.  

    Nathan will join colleagues in our service team, who will offer their valuable experience and varied skillsets to teach him everything he needs to become a qualified Toyota Technician. Already knowledgeable from his own research and practice, we know that Nathan will bed into the team well, and is motivated to hone his craft.  

    On behalf of all at SLM Toyota, we welcome you to our family Nathan! We can’t wait to see you shine.  

    You can meet Nathan and the rest of the Service Team at SLM Toyota Attleborough today.

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