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SLM Nissan Welcomes New Technician Alan Morgan

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SLM Nissan Welcomes New Technician Alan Morgan

SLM Nissan are delighted to welcome our new Technician, Alan Morgan.

  • At SLM Nissan we are pleased to welcome experience vehicle technician Alan Morgan to the team. 

    Alan brings a wealth of experience in the industry, having worked as a technician on everything from classics to caravans!

    As a vehicle technician, Alan's role involves working with diagnostics, engines, breaks, cooling systems, steering, gearing and suspension. Our Nissan vehicles are super sophisticated and include many computerised and electronic systems too... Not much like Alan's first car - a Reliant Robin. 

    In his spare time, Alan enjoys manufacturing clocks from wood, which he sells all over. He also owns a motorhome which he likes to to travel in with his wife. 

    Alan's first job was a stock clerk for a builders merchant. But learning all about plumbing, heating and building wasn't his passion, so when his technician brother's talked him into becoming a technician, he never looked back!

    We asked Alan a couple of quickfire questions:


    What's your favourite Nissan car and why?

    "If I were to pick a Nissan, it would have to be one of the classics - maybe the 240, the 380 or the 260."


    If you could visit anywhere in the world for 24 hours, where would you go?

    "24 hours isn't very long, but probably Hawaii for the beaches!"


    And finally... What's one song you love to listen to on a car journey?

    "Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven."


    We wish Alan a warm welcome to the SLM Group.

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