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Introducing Xander Carr, Barnard & Brough Nissan's new Vehicle Technician.

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Introducing Xander Carr, Barnard & Brough Nissan's new Vehicle Technician.

Xander joins our Barnard & Brough Nissan dealership at an exciting time. Read on to learn more about our new Vehicle Technician. 

  • Here at Barnard & Brough Nissan, we are delighted to welcome Xander Carr, who joins us as our new Vehicle Technician. 

    Xander joins us from Ford, after completing six years with the brand following the completion of the Ford Masters programme as an apprentice. 

    We spoke to Xander about what attracted him to work at Barnard & Brough Nissan. “For me, it’s close to home here in West Sussex which is a welcome change from my previous job”. “But more importantly, I was attracted by this dealership as it’s a family run brand with a relaxed atmosphere, where the team are focused on high quality work and customer satisfaction”. 

    Xander knows the heritage of the Nissan brand and has always appreciated their range of sportier vehicles. We asked him about his favourite car in the current range, and he said “Easy, it’s the Nissan Pulsar GTIR”. “It’s the most exciting hot hatch ever made!”. 

    Xander’s first ever car was a Ford KA Mk1 1.3 which he described as “80% fun and 20% rust”.

    Outside of work Xander enjoys many things including working on restoring cars, playing guitar and bass, wildlife conservation, computer programming, and he even coaches swimming and martial arts. Certainly, multi-talented! 

    Looking ahead to 2022, we asked if there is anything Xander is particularly looking forward to. “I’m looking forward to building a positive and professional relationship with my team, the customers and the brand”. “For me it’s really important to do every job well, and keep a car maintained and running for as long as possible”. 

    We’re thrilled to have Xander on board, and wish him all the best on his new journey with Barnard & Brough Nissan. You can meet Xander, and the rest of the team by visiting us today

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