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SLM Group launches new Compliance Department with two new members of the team

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SLM Group launches new Compliance Department with two new members of the team

During the summer, SLM Group expanded our staffing operations by implementing a Compliance Department to support colleagues across the business in a number of areas. This October, we are pleased to announce that with two key new members of the team, the department is fully operational.

  • We’re pleased to introduce you to Fiona Wakeford, our new Group Compliance Manager (pictured right), and Danu Hadden-Eccles, our new Group Compliance Assistant (pictured left).

  • Both Fiona and Danu form our newest department, The Compliance Team, who we’ve implemented to support our colleagues around the business. Working together, the team tackle compliance in various areas of the business, including Health & Safety, Human Resources, ITC and GDPR. Their role involves offering assistance and guidance to managers primarily, but all colleagues from all departments.  

    Danu Hadden-Eccles – Group Compliance Assistant 
    Firstly, meet Danu, who joined our brand new Compliance Team this Summer. Whilst this is her first role in the motoring industry, Danu has a wealth of experience in the busy retail sector, giving her the ideal transferrable experience to fit into the fast-paced life of motoring. 

    When we asked what attracted Danu to the role, she said it was the personable, family feel that SLM is built on as a business, especially after coming from a large retail company that can often feel cold and corporate. With a desire to excel her experience and knowledge in human resources, a key part of the compliance team, working for a ‘people first’ business such as SLM seemed like a good move.  
    We enjoyed asking Danu what her favourite car from the range was, as she’s new to our business, to which she replied “It has to be the All New Yaris Cross!”  

    Fiona Wakeford – Group Compliance Manager 
    And last, but my no means least, we’d like to introduce Fiona, who leads our new Compliance Team. Fiona has SLM in her blood, having had family in the business since as long as she can remember.  

    Fiona originally joined SLM in 2014 working in our Health & Safety team, fresh faced, slightly nervous, but full of enthusiasm and ambition. After expanding her knowledge and experience in the HR aspects of our business, she grew from strength to strength and finally found herself with the opportunity to build and lead our new Compliance Team.  

    When we asked Fiona what attracted her to the role, she said: “I suppose for me, the main interest was helping people. Keeping people safe and supported. I also like to learn new things, and I was attracted to the ability to have new legislation or areas of focus from week to week. I also loved the idea of working alongside my father, my brother and various other members of my family.” 

    Again, intrigued by the opinion of an unbiased mind, we were keen to know Fiona’s favourite car in our range, but she was torn, saying: “I love my CHR. It is my favourite car I have driven, but... I must say that I also love the look of the new Mokka!” 

    On behalf of all at SLM Group, we wish Danu and Fiona the very best of luck with the new Compliance Team, and we know we’ll value their work hugely!  

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