Air Conditioning Service From Just £59.95 - Save £25.05

Air conditioning is a feature many people rely heavily on during the warmer months to keep cool during journeys.  Over time and after frequent use it can start to work less effectively. It is important that the air conditioning system in your car is serviced periodically to replenish the liquid used by the system and ensure all componants are in good working order.

Air conditioning systems are extremely complex and are made of many components, which can make it very costly to repair. More often than not it is more cost effective to have your air conditioning serviced to prevent any major longterm damage and unexpected breakdowns. Now at SLM Nissan you can receive an air conditioning service from just £59.95, saving you £25.05.

An air conditioning service at SLM Nissan includes:

• System pressure check
• Check operation of heater controls
• Check internal blower speeds
• Performance test
• Check re-circulation flap
• Check operation of condenser for leaks, damage and airflow
• Check cooling system operating temperature
• Check operation of condenser/radiator fans
• Visually check air-conditioning pipes and fittings for leaks and corrosion
• Check compressor, belt, evaporator for leaks, condition and security
• Recharge system


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